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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of student would be most successful at Visitation Academy?

The student who is interested in academic excellence, leadership, community service, faith, extra-curricular activities, teamwork and respect for others will thrive at Visitation.

What are the benefits of an all-girls environment?

Students at Visitation receive more attention, are comfortable asking questions, are willing to take risks and make mistakes, are at ease exploring and discussing sensitive gender issues, build life-long friendships and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Are there openings at each grade level?

Although we welcome and accept applications for each grade, our major entry levels are our coed Montessori Early Childhood Program for boys and girls ages 2-5 (including Kindergarten), as well as Grades 6, 7 and 9 for girls.

Financial Aid is available to students in Grades 1-12, based on financial need.

What is the average class size?

12 students with 2 teachers
20 students with 2 teachers
Kindergarten Full Day
12 students with 1 teacher
Grades 1-5
20-25 students with 2 teachers for core subjects and 1 teacher for specialty classes
Grade 6
2 sections of 21 students, 2 teachers for core subjects per section and 1 teacher for specialty classes per section
Grades 7-12
16-20 students per class

Why should we send our children to Visitation Academy?

Visitation Academy has been in the business of education since 1833. We are faith based, integrating moral and ethical education throughout the curriculum. Academic excellence is the standard, supported and more easily attained in the single-sex environment. Students feel comfortable being themselves and exploring a variety of subjects, experiences, and extra-curricular activities. Visitation is rich in tradition with special events to anticipate each year. The foundation of our school is our community, which includes students, teachers, staff, parents, families past and present and special friends. The Sisters of the Visitation, who reside on campus and are our founding Order, make our community unique, providing a viable and visible spiritual presence.

Do you have an After Care Program?

We have an excellent After Care Program for children ages 2 through Grade 6. The hours of the program are from 3:15 to 6:30 p.m. daily.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend Visitation Academy?

We welcome families of all faiths, which contributes to the richness and diversity of the Visitation Academy community.

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